I am a 12 year old boy who likes music and doesn’t like global warming.

I am not old enough to solve the problem. But I am old enough to convince others to try by having school children from Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and North America sing my “100 Generations” song with me. That way, the world can hear that children everywhere care about the integrity of nature we are taking for granted, and everyone can feel our hope that the earth will stop warming soon.

    Send a message that we should not wait any longer. Sing our song with us, share it with your friends, and if you can, buy a copy so we can give money to environmental groups that are working hard to stop climate change right now.

    We can save the earth if people of all ages around the world work together.

- Aitan

Sing It.

Share It.

Buy It.

Use my words or write your own.

   Chorus Melody:  Sheet Music  Band mp3

Chorus Harmony:  Sheet Music  Band mp3

Tell everyone you know. Share

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the World

Tell the world about kidEarth - newspapers, radio, blogs, and whoever you can think of. The Publicity Kit has everything you need.

School children everywhere, add your voices to our chorus. We’ll put the best videos on this website. Click here for directions.

The profits from “100 Generations” will support environmental groups that fight global warming. Two of our favorites are the World Wildlife Fund and the Alliance for Climate Protection.

Fight global warming.

The Music Video!

Paris, France

Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Taipei, Taiwan

Kanye, Botswana

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Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala

Buenos Aires, Argentina

St. Petersburg, Russia

NSLC kids singing 100 Generations
- Chorus (mp3)
- Verse and Chorus (mp3)